Devrims #TechTalk 056: Great Opomu Reflects On WordPress’s Role For B2B Enterprises

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Devrims #TechTalk 056: Great Opomu Reflects On WordPress’s Role For B2B Enterprises

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Great Opomu is a visionary entrepreneur and IT consultant with a passion for leveraging digital solutions to empower individuals and businesses. With a diverse background shaped by self-directed learning and hands-on experience, Great has honed his expertise in WordPress development, branding, software development strategy, and computer networks.

Driven by a desire to explore and innovate, Great founded Digitalzooks, a dynamic company comprising a family of brands aimed at providing targeted digital services to help people and businesses thrive. His flagship brand, WPFlat, focuses on revitalizing B2B websites to optimize operations, establish brand authority, and attract high-value clients.

Great’s entrepreneurial journey is motivated by his unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in the digital landscape. He believes in the power of technology to drive positive change and streamline processes, ultimately leading to continuous success for his clients.

With a forward-thinking mindset, Great Opomu identifies AI as a transformative force in the digital services industry, emphasizing the importance of embracing innovation to stay ahead. However, he also recognizes the fundamental role of passion and love for one’s work in sustaining entrepreneurial endeavors aimed at creating social impact.

Through his insights and expertise, Great seeks to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to harness the full potential of digital solutions, particularly WordPress, to enhance their online presence, streamline operations, and achieve their objectives. His holistic approach to digital services, combined with a client-centric mindset, ensures that each solution is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of every individual and organization he serves.

Devrims: Hello Great, how are things going these days? Please tell us about your educational and professional background. How did you get started with WordPress and IT consulting?

Great: Things are going well. Sometimes life can be tough but we know that toughness makes us stronger and better.

Well, as for my educational background, I ended my formal education at high school. Every other form of education has been through courses, YouTube, podcasts, and blogs. My love for exploring ideas without the limitations of grades and curriculums led me to being self-taught rather than going to a university.

I got started with WordPress after a few months of coding with PHP. I realized that coding wasn’t something I really enjoyed even though I could do it. I still wanted to build websites but without coding. This led me to find tools like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. I chose WordPress because of it’s availability of resources and tools (plugins).

I didn’t start consulting until I gained deep and wide experiences in IT. While people know me to build websites these days. I’m also an expert at branding, specifically corporate branding, computer networks and software development strategy.

I’ve gained a lot of other experiences that have made me a wholesome IT Consultant.

Devrims: In building your company Digitalzooks, how do you aim to help people and businesses thrive through your digital services?

Great: Digitalzooks is a family of brands. I love to help in many ways but I know I have to understand pain points to address real solutions. This is why I’m building Digitalzooks.

My flagship brand is WPFlat which is focused on revamping B2B websites to streamline operations, establish brand authority and attract high-value clients.

I’m more focused on WPFlat due to my love and deep expertise in leveraging WordPress to build website solutions.

But we have other brands focused on software, design, and more.

Building these brands helps us share targeted solutions to help people and businesses thrive.

For us, it’s not about success alone. We want people to thrive. Thriving for us is being able to always achieve success at every stage of life or business. Success is a goal. Thriving is a journey.

Our aim is to provide services or solutions that help people and businesses to continuously succeed.

Devrims: What motivated you to leap into entrepreneurship and build your company to focus on digital services?

Great: My motivation is simple: I want to try out many things to help people.

I know that entrepreneurship has ups and downs but it is the only way that I can get the time I need to fully explore my passions. It’s not bad being an employee but I’m someone who wants to explore beyond my current job description.

The world, they say, has gone digital. So as someone inclined to tech with a passion to help people, it was a no brainer that it is what I wanted.

Devrims: What do you think will be the major innovations in digital services that empower people and organizations?

Great: There’s no need to think of the major innovations in digital services. The major innovation is here. It’s AI. Yes, AI.

AI is here to disrupt and streamline how we work.

Currently, we’re using AI to deliver better services to our clients. Many more innovations will come through AI.

But the greatest innovation of all time in every industry still remains the mind.

Devrims: What advice would you give someone wanting to build digital products or services that create social impact?

Great: Love what you do. If you don’t, then you’ll give up. It’s as simple as that. Your love will keep pushing you even when things seems to have torn apart.

Devrims: Let’s do a quick rapid-fire round.

Devrims Great
Books or Movies Books
Day or Night Day
Tea or Coffee None

Devrims: Let’s talk about WordPress! How can brands and companies better leverage WordPress to build their online presence?

Great: Brands need to understand that WordPress is beyond just website design. WordPress is a software that enables brands to do more online.

For example, with WordPress and plugins, it’s easy to have your own CRM to manage your customers. With WordPress, you can even manage your client invoices.

When brands realize that WordPress is more than just design, then they’ll level up their online presence.

Online presence is beyond website traffic or social media engagements. In simple terms, online presence is how well you maximize the internet to streamline your operations and gain more revenue.

Devrims: What WordPress plugins or tools are valuable to enhancing website functionality?

Great: There are so many tools to enhance website functionality.

First functionality is all about doing stuff on your website to interact with your existing or potential customers.

I can’t really list plugins since there are varieties of plugins performing the same functions.

But what I’d say is that, every website should have a lead generation system to get visitors’ details. If you’re into services, I advise you to have a calendar scheduling system where people are able to book for your free or paid services.

There are so many functionalities, so I generally advise businesses to go through their operations model and speak with a website consultant to know how some of these operations can be streamlined via their websites.

Devrims: How can businesses make sure their WordPress site stays secure, fast, and optimized over time? What common mistakes brands should avoid when managing their site?

Great: First, a solid managed hosting is key. Secondly, have a WordPress security plugin.

A solid managed hosting will help your website stay secure, become faster, and always optimized.

Secondly, a WordPress security plugin will help your site stay extra secured and always ensure you’re safe from hackers.

When brands ignore these two things, then they are making the common mistakes that make brands lose thousands of dollars yearly.

Devrims: What are some WordPress hosting mistakes you see brands make? What WordPress-specific features should they look for in a hosting provider?

Great: A lot of brands always go for cheap. This is where their mistake begins. Don’t get me wrong, cheap isn’t always bad but understanding your needs could help you choose wisely.

Some brands will choose a hosting plan for simple websites to power their e-commerce system. This leads to slow websites and other problems. Brands then attach these problems to the hosting companies whereas the problem is that they are ignorant to their needs.

The WordPress-specific feature every brand should look out for is automated backups and easy restore. This will save a lot of brand money and time. For example, if anything goes wrong in an e-commerce site, they will be able to restore to a previous date without customer interactions being disturbed.

Devrims: When developing marketing and content strategies, how do you make sure they align with the brand’s objectives?

Great: That’s why we make business owners our friends. Our friendship allows the business owners to explain to us their exact needs which in turn helps us to help them.

Sometimes what they have in their brand documents (especially small businesses) doesn’t fully explain what they have in mind.

This friendship formation stage is during our first strategy session. This is what helps us to ensure we deliver client-centric solutions.

Devrims: Could we get a glimpse at your creative workspace if you’re comfortable showing it

Great: I wish I could but we are a fully remote team so we do not have offices. I’m currently in my bedroom doing this interview 😀

Devrims: Can you recommend any three individuals for our upcoming interviews?

Great: Isioma Ogbuehi

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