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As a leading digital marketing agency, Digital Eggheads is now hosting 100+ global client websites with Devrims. 

Here’s how we made an impact for Digital Eggheads:

  • Up to 8x faster page load times
  • Dedicated account management
  • 24/7 technical support


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Digital Eggheads was in search of a managed cloud hosting partner for their clients’ websites with a 99.9 uptime guarantee, high performance, and 24/7 technical support. 


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At A Glance

Digital Eggheads is a data-driven digital marketing agency that manages the online presence of multiple brands globally. 

Currently, Digital Eggheads offers website and mobile app development, marketing and creative services, acting as a one-stop solution for any company looking to build their online presence from scratch. 

With 200+ clients with raving reviews all around, Digital Eggheads is a top player in the marketing agency world, providing creative solutions to businesses worldwide.

“Our clients, especially ones with ecommerce businesses, demand consistent high performance regardless of the traffic behavior. Additionally, nearly zero downtime is always a priority. Devrims helps us provide the superior performance clients seek, helping them operate seamlessly during peak traffic periods. Also, the free website migration and staging environments with 24×7 support have been the icing on top of the cake.”

Safeer e Hussain, Co-Founder & Director Operations @ Digital Eggheads

The Challenges They Faced

Digital Eggheads faced the challenge of scaling its web development business due to hosting complexities and ongoing server management issues. Their primary requirement was to expedite the process of creating and deploying applications.

As their project portfolio continued to grow, the agency was in search of a managed cloud hosting solution that would enable them to ship websites on a cloud server with the ability to customize hosting environments as required. The agency wanted an easy-to-use one-click platform that can alleviate all the complexities of hosting and server management.

Additionally, Digital Eggheads grappled with the challenge of maintaining an uptime rate of 99.9% and achieving swift loading speeds for all applications. Many of their clients operated e-commerce stores that ran round-the-clock, making any downtime unacceptable and emphasizing the importance of speedy performance.

On top of all, they were looking for a leaner hosting technology that consumes fewer server resources; thereby, reducing monthly hosting costs.

“Client satisfaction holds prime importance at Digital Eggheads,” explained Safeer e Hussain, Co-Founder & Director Operations at Digital Eggheads. “We chose Devrims Hosting Platform as it frees us from the complexities of cloud hosting complexities.”

The Way We Helped

Devrims One-Click Managed Cloud Hosting Platform addresses the challenges faced by Digital Eggheads.

Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting Platform offers the globally renowned cloud infrastructure of AWS or DigitalOcean in just one click with all the customization options to create a hosting environment as per a website’s needs.

The first significant challenge for Digital Eggheads was the migration of their clients’ existing websites from different hosting providers to Devrims.

The websites were categorized into two groups based on traffic: the first pool had websites with very little traffic, like the company portfolio website, and the other had high-traffic websites, like ecommerce stores.

Devrims Platform offers unlimited website hosting on a single server regardless of their app and software versions without any additional charges. After working closely with Digital Eggheads, multiple low-traffic websites were moved to a single server to minimize ongoing hosting costs.

Multiple AWS and DigitalOcean cloud servers were created to host high-traffic websites. Each website was hosted near its targeted location to reduce the network latency and increase performance. Devrims offers 25+ data center locations globally.

An expert team in website migration was tasked to move websites on staging URLs on the Devrims Cloud Platform. During the migration process, the team at Devrims meticulously validated over 50 checks to ensure the high performance, security, and reliability of newly migrated websites.

Once a website’s migration was complete, both the staging URL and the Google Page Speed Performance report were shared with the Digital Eggheads team for their approval before going live (production). 

Upon receiving approval, the team initiated various “going live” activities, including configuring desired backup policies, installing SSL certificates, establishing heartbeat alerts for proactive monitoring, and setting client Slack channels for timely alerts, among other tasks.

For Digital Eggheads, the migration process was seamless, yielding substantial savings in time and effort for their development team. This alignment with Devrims allowed Digital Eggheads to concentrate more on fulfilling their clients’ needs. 

Moreover, Devrims’ team remains actively involved in managing cloud hosting environments, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring by a team of experts to uphold optimal performance and maintain rigorous security standards.”

A Winning Partnership

Digital Eggheads has witnessed a remarkable average 8x improvement in page loading times across all of its websites. 

This significant enhancement in speed is attributed to implementing a lightweight and cutting-edge hosting stack powered by OpenLiteSpeed, resulting in a 40% reduction in resource consumption and thus reducing overall hosting costs.

The outcome of these optimizations has been nothing short of impressive.

All Digital Eggheads’ clients have reported a noticeable enhancement in user experience, accompanied by a substantial increase in orders for their e-commerce stores. 

Furthermore, the transition has ensured that all applications operate with virtually zero downtime, achieving an impressive uptime rate of 99.99%. 

As a result, Digital Eggheads’ clients can run promotional and hype-focused online sales campaigns without any performance disruptions.

The Devrims platform has also empowered the hosting of multiple websites on a single server, regardless of their PHP versions, thereby allowing clients to reduce their hosting expenses further. This added flexibility and cost-efficiency have been well-received.

Moreover, the partnership has relieved Digital Eggheads’ development team of hosting complexities, allowing them to save valuable time and effort. This newfound efficiency has enabled the team to concentrate on the development activities that hold the utmost significance.

With an exceptional uptime rate of 99.99%, a remarkable 8x increase in loading speed, and a clientele that is genuinely satisfied with the results, the impact of this collaboration is nothing short of exemplary.

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