Indolj witnesses lasting success in Quick Commerce & POS SaaS

As the largest ecommerce SaaS solution in Pakistan, Idolj is now spearheading the quick commerce revolution after collaborating with Devrims.

Here’s how we made an impact for Idolj:

  • Up to 400% growth in business
  • Nearly 99.99% uptime
  • Up to 70% reduction in cloud spend


Ecommerce SaaS


Indolj was looking for a cost-effective, highly available cloud setup with nearly 100% uptime for its 500+ business vendors.


Devrims DevOps, Devrims Cloud FinOps

At A Glance

Indolj is a cutting-edge quick commerce SaaS provider of restaurant technology solutions, offering a commission-free online ordering system and a feature-rich food ordering app. Indolj enables restaurants to thrive in the digital age by providing a comprehensive suite of tools and services.

With Indolj, restaurants and cafes can seamlessly digitize their operations within 72 hours and propel their business to new heights. 

Currently serving over 500+ restaurants in Pakistan, Indolj has established itself as a trusted partner for reliable, fast, and secure digital ordering solutions.

“Businesses rely on Indolj to perform seamlessly. This is where Devrims DevOps helps us the most. Their designed cloud infrastructure helps our app to handle traffic spikes during the festive season. In some cases, we attracted 8 times more traffic than usual without any performance hiccups and downtime.”

Muhammad Saad Jangda, Founder & CEO – Indolj

The Challenges They Faced

Indolj app faced several critical challenges that significantly impacted its performance and growth potential. The first challenge was the inconsistency in performance and load management, which led to vendor dissatisfaction resulting in a less-than-ideal experience for end users.

Indolj required a robust and flexible cloud infrastructure to grow and serve a large user base. Indolj was actively looking for a highly available cloud setup to match its business ambitions. The app needed infrastructure that was capable of handling increased traffic during peak times.

Cost optimization was also a key concern. Efficient resource allocation is vital for any online business, and Indolj was no exception. Outspending your marked budget for cloud infrastructure is a real concern for any SaaS provider.

“Being lean and cost-effective is a part of indolj’s ideology,” explained Muhammad Saad Jangda, Founder & CEO of Indolj. “After carefully considering our options, we decided to partner with Devrims to tackle our DevOps and Cloud FinOps challenges.”

The Way We Helped

Devrims devised a comprehensive set of solutions that proved to be instrumental in overcoming these obstacles. Firstly, our DevOps team crafted a Multi-Zone Auto-Scalable Infrastructure that ensured the Indolj app could gracefully handle fluctuations in user traffic. This not only improved performance but also bolstered reliability, making Indolj more business-worthy in the industry.

Tech Stack Deployment and Services Optimization were the next steps taken by Devrims DevOps. By fine-tuning the technology stack and optimizing various cloud services, Indolj’s efficiency and resource utilization were significantly improved. This led to a more streamlined and cost-effective operation, addressing the cost optimization challenge head-on.

Additionally, Devrims DevOps implemented rigorous security hardening measures, fortifying Indolj’s defenses against potential threats and ensuring the safety of user data and system integrity. This comprehensive approach enhanced the overall resilience of the app.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Indolj and Devrims DevOps marked a transformative turning point. Through multi-zone auto-scalable infrastructure, tech stack optimization, and security hardening, Indolj overcame its previous challenges, enabling it to provide a superior user experience while operating efficiently and cost-effectively.

A Winning Partnership

Indolj achieved an impressive 99.99% uptime, a testament to the reliability and stability that Devrims brought to the table. Vendors could now count on Indolj, day in and day out, without interruptions or frustration.

Cost optimization became a hallmark of this collaboration. Through FinOps strategies tailored to cloud infrastructure, Indolj achieved a staggering 60% reduction in cloud infrastructure costs. This efficiency not only boosted the bottom line but also ensured resources were used judiciously.

The impact on traffic and business growth was truly phenomenal. 

Indolj experienced an unprecedented increase in end-user traffic, a clear sign that vendors on Indolj were both repeated and first-time end users. This surge translated directly into a remarkable 4 times boost in business growth, propelling Indolj to new heights.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this partnership was its resilience. No matter the challenges posed by peak campaigns and surges in user activity, Indolj remained unfazed. There were no major downtimes or performance hiccups to be found, cementing its reputation as a robust quick commerce POS provider.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Indolj and Devrims DevOps is a transformative journey marked by outstanding achievements. 

From 99.99% uptime and a 60% reduction in costs and 4 times traffic business growth, the impact has been profound. 

This partnership serves as a powerful example of how strategic DevOps solutions and expert FinOps guidance can revolutionize an app’s fortunes in the competitive tech landscape.

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