Monit’s mission-critical operations were strengthened by Devrims DevOps

The data-driven operations of Monit require a robust and highly available cloud infrastructure.

Here’s how Devrims helps Monit achieve success on a daily basis:

  • Nearly 100% uptime with optimum performance
  • Two-digit latency in data transfer speed
  • Highly available and auto-scalable infrastructure
  • Multi-regional infrastructure for DR planning
  • Optimized infrastructure cost


Vehicular IoT


Because of its mission-critical nature, Monit sought a cloud partner that understood the requirements of a vehicular IoT system for delivering timely data transfer between all IoT devices connected to their centralized AI and ML app.


Devrims DevOps, Devrims Cloud FinOps

At A Glance

Monit, a trailblazer in Pakistan’s technology landscape, proudly stands as the nation’s first manufacturer specializing in the Vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI). This innovative company has revolutionized the field of commercial fleet management by developing Pakistan’s inaugural Embedded AI road safety solution, distinguished by its fully indigenous hardware and software integration. Monit’s philosophy centers around fully customized solutions, adhering to a client-first methodology in IoT deployment. This strategy enables unparalleled control over fleet management workflows for their clients. An essential feature of Monit’s offerings is the integrated GPS trackers, providing comprehensive and real-time tracking capabilities accessible from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, Monit assures a complete one-window solution, eliminating the dependency on external vendors and simplifying the process for their clients. At the heart of Monit’s success is its ongoing research and development efforts. The company boasts state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to constant updates and the introduction of new features, ensuring that its solutions remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the realm of smart and safe logistics.

“As a manufacturer specializing in vehicular IoT and embedded AI, Monit empowers businesses to monitor fleet safety and driver well-being. The timely data transmission, availability of the system, and inconsistent load management were the real challenges of our cloud infrastructure. In Devrims, we have found a dynamic DevOps partner. Their team has always worked closely with us to provide cost-optimized cloud infrastructure with high availability and efficient data transfer.”

Mustafa Jaffery, Co-Founder & CEO @ Monit

The Challenges They Faced

Monit, a groundbreaking startup in the realm of vehicular IoT, is driven by a singular mission – to address the paramount issue of road safety along extended transportation routes, with a particular emphasis on transporting highly flammable cargo, such as oil tankers. Monit has crafted a comprehensive multi-device IoT solution, meticulously designed to monitor drivers for signs of rough driving and fatigue vigilantly. 

This 24×7 surveillance setup includes a dedicated monitoring room equipped to respond swiftly to alerts generated by the Monit AI-and-ML-based system based on the data received from on-vehicle and off-vehicle IOT devices. The gravity of Monit’s mission cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of both the cargo and the drivers.

Nevertheless, Monit confronts various formidable challenges in its unwavering commitment to this mission. 

The sheer volume of data generated by continuous monitoring poses a significant challenge, necessitating adept management of data ingestion, processing, and storage to ensure efficiency. In addition, the stringent requirement for low-latency response times, mainly within the two-digit millisecond range, is paramount to support real-time decision-making and sustain the solution’s overall effectiveness.

Managing the costs associated with extensive data processing is a continuous concern, as operational expenses can quickly accumulate. The sensitivity of the data underscores the imperative need for a highly secure and intricate network infrastructure to safeguard against potential threats and uphold the integrity of the data. Furthermore, Monit’s solution must maintain high availability, operate without interruption 24/7, and demonstrate the flexibility to scale seamlessly in response to growing demands and an expanding user base.

Monit proactively explored potential partnerships and innovative solutions in light of these formidable challenges. These endeavors aimed to enhance the operational efficiency of Monit’s mission-critical road safety platform, ensuring the continued success of its pivotal endeavor.

The Way We Helped

Monit’s formidable challenges found their solutions through a strategic partnership with Devrims DevOps. Devrims provided a scalable and secure cloud setup that addressed Monit’s pressing needs. This comprehensive managed cloud infrastructure not only ensured high availability but also allowed for seamless scalability to accommodate the increasing demands of Monit’s mission-critical road safety platform.

The Cloud Cost Optimization activity played a pivotal role in this partnership, working closely with Monit to keep costs low while maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. This collaboration ensured that Monit could efficiently manage the expenses associated with their extensive data processing requirements, contributing to the sustainability and long-term success of their mission.

Through this high-power partnership, Monit found the technical support and expertise needed to overcome their challenges and further their mission of enhancing road safety for long-haul transportation, particularly for highly flammable cargo, such as oil tankers.

A Winning Partnership

Devrims designed and implemented a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure that effectively addressed Monit’s pressing needs, ensuring high availability and adaptability for the mission-critical road safety platform based on a vehicular IoT system.

Furthermore, Devrims Cloud FinOps played a crucial role in the partnership, working closely with Monit to maintain cost-efficiency while sustaining operational effectiveness. This collaboration allowed Monit to manage expenses associated with extensive data processing requirements efficiently, contributing to its mission’s sustainability and long-term success.

“Monit is driven by data; it’s our lifeline. Therefore, we need to maintain a two-digit latency for smooth functioning. Devrims has helped us achieve optimal service levels through their expertise in cloud technology.,” said Mustafa Jaffery, Co-Founder and CEO of Monit.

In summary, the partnership empowered Monit to conquer significant challenges. The transport safety startup works with a fleet of more than 1,000 trucks in its targeted business territories.

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