7 Best ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress You Should Check Out in 2024

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7 Best ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress You Should Check Out in 2024

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In the current digital era, business and website owners continuously seek innovative ways to interact and engage with online users. One such powerful tool that has gained significant popularity is ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. Its ability to generate human-like responses and hold conversations has revolutionized how we communicate online.

If you are a WordPress user looking to enhance your website’s interactivity and provide a personalized user experience, you are at the right place! In this article, we will show the top 7 Best ChatGPT plugins specifically designed for WordPress. These plugins seamlessly integrate the power of ChatGPT into your website, allowing you to effortlessly engage visitors, provide real-time assistance, and generate dynamic content.

Whether you are an e-commerce store owner, a blogger, or a service-based website runner, these ChatGPT plugins offer a wide range of features to fulfill your unique needs. From customizable chatbots to intelligent customer support agents, these tools empower you to create conversational experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Throughout this article, we will dig into the details and key features of these 7 Best ChatGPT plugins with their current pricing structure. You will discover how they can help you automate customer support, capture leads, improve conversions, and boost user satisfaction. With these plugins, you can effectively bridge the gap between your website and its visitors, fostering meaningful interactions that drive your online business forward.

So, whether you are a business owner, a marketer, or a website developer, read this blog post to explore the top 7 ChatGPT plugins for WordPress and unlock the potential of conversational AI for your online presence. Let’s dive in and discover how these powerful tools can transform how you engage with your audience and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Why use a ChatGPT plugin for WordPress?

Using a ChatGPT plugin for WordPress offers several compelling reasons to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience. Here are a few key benefits:

  • A ChatGPT plugin lets you interact with your website visitors in real time, providing personalized responses and information. By offering a conversational interface, you can engage users more interactively and intuitively, increasing their time spent on your site and promoting a sense of connection.
  • You can provide 24/7 customer support without human intervention with a ChatGPT plugin. These intelligent chatbots can handle frequently asked questions, troubleshoot common issues, and guide users through various processes, ensuring visitors receive timely assistance at any time.
  • ChatGPT plugins can act as lead-generation tools by capturing user information and qualifying potential leads. These plugins can collect visitor data, such as names and email addresses, and seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM or email marketing tools. By engaging visitors in conversations and offering value, you can convert them into leads and nurture them through the sales funnel.
  • ChatGPT plugins can offer personalized product or content recommendations by analyzing user behavior and preferences. These plugins can understand user intent, provide intelligent suggestions, and improve the overall user experience on your website. Personalization plays an essential role in increasing user satisfaction and driving conversions.
  • Incorporating ChatGPT into your website through a plugin eliminates the need to hire additional staff to handle customer inquiries or provide support. Chatbots powered by ChatGPT can handle repetitive tasks and inquiries, saving time for your team to focus on more complex and strategic initiatives. This automation can result in significant cost savings and operational efficiency.
  • ChatGPT plugins for WordPress can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, ensuring scalability as your website traffic and user base grow. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, these plugins can adapt to your website’s demands and effortlessly handle the influx of user interactions.

In short, using a ChatGPT plugin for WordPress empowers you to deliver a more engaging and personalized user experience, streamline customer support, generate leads, offer tailored recommendations, save time and costs, and scale your operations. By leveraging the power of conversational AI, these plugins enable you to raise your website to new heights and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive online landscape.

Top powerful ChatGPT WordPress plugins
WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

AIomatic is a versatile ChatGPT WordPress plugin that offers a range of automation features, and its main feature is content creation. It can help you create articles and blog posts, write reviews, answer any questions, create topic ideas, and generate content based on your input and instructions. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress, making implementing conversational AI on your website easy.

You can create a chatbot interface that handles customer inquiries and provides real-time responses with AIomatic. It offers customization options, allowing you to define the chatbot’s tone, personality, and appearance to align with your brand. The plugin supports multiple languages, allowing you to serve a global audience.

Key Features

  • Create SEO-friendly content for your website that looks like original content written by a human.
  • Edits content on your website automatically when it’s needed.
  • Add an AI-based chatbot to your website to handle your customer queries.
  • Many More.


The regular license plan is $59, with support for six months. If you want to extend support to one year, $20.25 will be charged as an extension fee.

ContentBot AI Writer
WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

ContentBot AI Writer is a ChatGPT WordPress plugin specifically designed for content creation. It leverages the power of AI to generate blog posts, high-quality articles, and other written content for your website or blog.

The plugin offers a simple and intuitive interface where you can input prompts, keywords, or instructions for the content generation process. Based on the input, ContentBot AI Writer generates unique, readable content that aligns with your desired style and structure.

ContentBot AI Writer provides customization options, allowing you to define the tone, voice, and overall writing style of the generated content. This helps you maintain consistency throughout your website or blog.

In addition, the plugin offers suggestions for headlines and Meta descriptions, optimizing your content for search engine visibility and improving its chances of ranking higher in search results.

ContentBot AI Writer supports multiple languages, enabling you to create content for a diverse audience. This feature is precious if you operate in international markets or cater to users from different regions.

Key Features

  • Rephrase the paragraph or sentence for you.
  • You can check for content plagiarism.
  • Format the writing sentence and its style.
  • Check the tone of the written content.
  • Many More.


ContentBot AI Writer offers four different plans; select the one based on your needs. All four pricing plans are mentioned below with what they offer.

  1. Prepaid: In the prepaid plan, they charge $0.5 per 1000 words, which allows you to write as many words as you want to write, ranging between 15 thousand to 5 million words. It includes unlimited seats, AI Writing, and a Paraphrasing tool.
  2. Starter: The starter plan charges $9.5 per month and $0.24 per 1000 words, allowing you to write up to 50,000 words per month. It includes unlimited seats, AI Writing, 1 x Content Automation, InstructBot, Plagiarism Checker, and a Paraphrasing tool.
  3. Premium: The premium plan charges $29.5 per month and $0.3 per 1000 words, allowing you to write up to 150,000 words per month. It includes unlimited seats, AI Writing, 3 x Content Automation, InstructBot, SEO tools, Plagiarism Checker, a Paraphrasing tool, Priority Support, and Community Access.
  4. Premium+: The premium+ plan charges $49.5 per month and $0.17 per 1000 words, allowing you to write up to 400,000 words per month. It includes unlimited seats, AI Writing, 10 x Content Automation, InstructBot, SEO tools, a Plagiarism Checker, a Paraphrasing tool, 2 x Human-enhanced AI blog posts written for you per month, Priority Support, and Community Access.
AI Engine
WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

AI Engine is a powerful ChatGPT WordPress plugin that brings conversational AI capabilities to your website. It offers features for customer support, lead generation, and user engagement.

With AI Engine, you can create a chatbot interface that handles customer inquiries and provides real-time responses. The chatbot can be integrated into your website, social media platforms, and messaging apps, allowing you to engage with users across different channels.

The plugin incorporates natural language processing, enabling the chatbot to understand user intent and provide relevant and accurate responses. This ensures a more personalized and practical user experience.

AI Engine supports multiple languages, allowing you to communicate with users from different regions and language backgrounds. This feature enables you to provide localized support and engagement.

The plugin offers customization options, allowing you to define the chatbot’s personality, tone, and responses. You can customize the chatbot’s appearance to align with your brand identity and create a cohesive user experience.

AI Engine provides analytics and reporting features, allowing you to track the chatbot’s performance. You can monitor user engagement, conversation flow, and response effectiveness metrics. These insights help you optimize the chatbot’s performance and improve user satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Add your own ChatGPT ChatBot to your website.
  • Generate fresh new content and templates to save time for your website.
  • AI Copilot will suggest what to write, what you need to fix, and more.
  • Train your AI to perform better for each task.
  • Many More.


You can use the AI Engine plugin for free with your OpenAI account.

Formidable Forms
WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

Formidable Forms is a comprehensive form builder plugin for WordPress that goes beyond traditional form creation. It offers advanced features and functionality, including integration with chatbots and automation tools.

You can create complex and interactive forms for your website with Formidable Forms. The plugin provides a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to build forms with various fields, conditional logic, and validation rules.

Integration of chatbots can increase user engagement and boost conversion rates. Formidable Forms allows you to integrate chatbots into your forms, enabling conversational user interactions. This can be useful for lead generation, customer support, and providing personalized recommendations.

The plugin also offers advanced automation capabilities. You can set up workflows and actions based on form submissions, such as sending email notifications, creating user accounts, or integrating with third-party applications. This automation feature streamlines your business processes and saves time.

Key Features

  • You can display the data entered in forms.
  • Calculated fields for advanced calculations of forms.
  • Create Polls or surveys in a few clicks and get instant results.
  • Many More.


Formidable Forms comes in both free and paid versions. You need to go for the paid one to access the AI features. There are four premium plans available for Formidable Forms. Those are mentioned below; check out all and choose the one that meets your needs.

  1. Basic: The basic plan costs $39.50 annually, including 65+ Form templates for one site.
  2. Plus: The basic plan costs $99.50 per year, including 95+ Form templates for up to three sites.
  3. Business: The basic plan costs $199.50 annually, including 200+ Form templates for up to seven sites.
  4. Elite: The basic plan costs $299.50 annually, including 210+ Form templates for unlimited sites.

All plans include more different features. To see all of them, go to the Formidable Forms’ Pricing section.

GPT AI Power
WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

GPT AI Power is a WordPress plugin that increases the power of OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model to enhance your website’s capabilities. It integrates artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate tasks, generate content, and provide intelligent responses.

The plugin offers various features, including chatbot capabilities, content generation, language translation, and sentiment analysis. You can create conversational chatbots that handle customer inquiries, provide support, and engage with users naturally and interactively.

GPT AI Power enables content generation using AI. You can generate blog posts, articles, product descriptions, or other written content based on prompts or keywords. This helps automate the content creation process and saves time for content creators.

The plugin supports language translation, allowing you to translate content between different languages automatically. It also provides sentiment analysis, which can analyze and understand the sentiment expressed in text, helping you gauge user feedback and sentiment towards your brand.

Key Features:

  • Automatic content generator.
  • Act as a converter for multiple things like Databases, audio files, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, etc.
  • Create an index for embedding! You can convert all your pages, posts, and products to embedding format with one click.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Many More.


GPT AI Power plugin is free to use; it also comes in a paid version that costs $7.99 monthly and ends at $219 for a lifetime.

AI Content Writing Assistant
WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

AI Content Writing Assistant is a WordPress plugin that assists you in writing high-quality and engaging content. It integrates artificial intelligence to provide suggestions, improve readability, and enhance the overall quality of your written content.

The plugin offers grammar and spelling checking, style improvements, and tone adjustments. It provides real-time suggestions and feedback as you write, helping you create error-free and well-structured content.

AI Content Writing Assistant analyzes your content and provides readability scores, ensuring your writing is easy to understand and accessible to a broad audience. It suggests improvements to sentence structure, word choice, and overall clarity.

The plugin also offers SEO recommendations, helping you optimize your content for search engines. It suggests relevant keywords, Meta descriptions, and headers to improve the visibility of your content in search engine rankings.

Key Features

  • Generate page titles before content generation.
  • Various results include 16 Different Content Structures, 20 Different Writing Styles, and 41 Different Writing tones.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Live writing and generate content automatically.
  • Many More.


The AI Content Writing Assistant is free; you can get it from the site.

AI Assistant with ChatGPT
WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

AI Assistant with ChatGPT is a powerful tool that combines the capabilities of an AI assistant and ChatGPT technology. It enables you to create intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants for your website or application.

Using AI Assistant with ChatGPT, you can build conversational interfaces that engage with users naturally and interactively. The tool leverages the ChatGPT model, powered by artificial intelligence, to understand user inputs and provide relevant and accurate responses.

The AI assistant can handle customer inquiries, provide support, offer product recommendations, and perform various other tasks based on your specific use case. It can be customized to match your brand’s voice and tone, creating a seamless user experience.

AI Assistant with ChatGPT also offers integration capabilities, allowing you to connect the assistant to different communication channels such as websites, messaging apps, or social media platforms. This expands the reach of your assistant and enables users to interact with it on their preferred platforms.

The tool provides features like natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and context awareness, making the conversations with the AI assistant more meaningful and personalized. It learns from user interactions over time, improving its responses and understanding of user intent.

Key Features

  • ChatBot with ChatGPT style.
  • Features like customization, automation, intent recognition, etc.
  • Convert text-to-speech.
  • Copy the text in just one click.
  • Many More.


The AI Assistant with ChatGPT plugin is both free and paid. Its paid version for the business plan costs $49 and supports five sites, and the developer plan costs $129 and supports unlimited sites.

Note: Here, we have mentioned the top 7 ChatGPT plugins for WordPress, but there are many more options available in the market, including AI ChatBot, AI Post Generator, AI Mojo, ChatBot for WordPress, and more. You can choose any of them that meets your requirements.


WordPress is constantly evolving, and the integration of ChatGPT plugins opens up exciting possibilities for enhancing user engagement, automating customer support, and streamlining content creation. The top 7 ChatGPT plugins we explored in this article showcase the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing in transforming your website into an interactive and intelligent platform.

Whether you want to create conversational chatbots, generate high-quality content, or provide personalized recommendations, these plugins offer a range of features to meet your specific needs. From AIomatic and ContentBot AI Writer for content generation to AI Mojo and AI Engine for comprehensive chatbot solutions, each plugin brings its unique strengths.

While considering these plugins, assessing their features, pros, cons, and pricing is essential to find the best fit for your WordPress website. Whether you are a business owner, content creator, or developer, these ChatGPT plugins can be valuable tools in taking your online presence to the next level.

So, leap into the realm of intelligent conversations, automated support, and efficient content creation by exploring these top ChatGPT plugins for WordPress. Embrace the power of AI, unleash your creativity, and create a truly dazzling and interactive user experience that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

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