Best Responsive WordPress Themes

10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes (2024)

Atif Shahab

10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes (2024)

Best Responsive WordPress Themes

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This blog enlists the top 10 best responsive WordPress themes everyone is getting their hands on.

WordPress is currently powering 40% of all websites on the internet. So obviously, it is pretty in demand.

Woah! What did they do to gain so much popularity? Well, ask yourself, would you want a content management system that includes a massive library of plugins, add-ons, and themes that let you customize every element of your website and add more functionality to your website?


WordPress knows the demand, and thus, it offers market leaders precisely that – and much more!

Thanks to WordPress’s high popularity, any business considering creating a website looks towards its themes. But there is so much variety that it becomes a difficult job. One feature that you, as a business owner, absolutely need for your website theme is responsiveness.

Why? Because mobile traffic accounts for about half of the web traffic. So, there is a considerable chance that your website will be accessed via a smartphone.

Keeping this trend and need in view, we have compiled a list of the ten best responsive WordPress themes for 2024. But before diving into it, let me clarify why responsive themes matter.

What is a Responsive WordPress Theme and Why Does It Matter?

With mobile web users surpassing desktop web users by a significant margin, having a responsive website is not a luxury anymore; it’s super-necessary. As a business, you don’t want to miss out on many users accessing the web through their mobile devices, so you need a mobile-responsive website.

Responsive WordPress themes can make your WordPress website accessible to millions of mobile users. So, it’s decided that you will purchase a responsive theme. But you need to consider certain factors before making the final decision.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Responsive WordPress Theme?

There are five things you need to consider before purchasing a responsive WordPress theme.

  • Price
  • Customization
  • Browser Compatibility
  • SEO Friendliness
  • Support
Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth It?

WordPress offers both free and premium themes. I think the free themes are great. But, you know, there are limitations attached to whatever is accessible. So, if you are unsatisfied with the features and customization options offered in free themes, you can try premium themes. Premium Responsive WordPress themes offer more features and carry customizations to the next level, enabling users to tinker and tweak every element of their website.

Top 10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is a feature-rich and easy-to-use responsive WordPress theme and website builder. It offers drag-and-drop functionality and a vast library comprising hundreds of WP responsive templates and layouts. Apart from traditional functions, such as the ability to create save and export layouts, it also allows users to change colors, fonts, and much more. What’s more, it is a mobile-responsive WordPress theme and SEO-friendly, which is why you should consider it.

astra wordpress themes

What makes Astra stand out from the crowd is its flexibility. It is also easy to use since it is built by following all the standard coding procedures and best practices. You can conveniently use it for multi-purpose, another feather in its cap. Add to that some advanced features such as the mobile header module, which gives more granular level control to users. You can not go wrong if you choose this responsive theme for your WordPress website.
Thanks to the mobile header module, you can now adjust header breakpoints and play around with different menu styles and colors for a mobile website. 

Thanks to the WordPress theme customizer, you can also see changes in real time, so you know exactly how your changes will look when you make them live. Besides, you can expect consistent performance from this theme, as it can make your website look great across all devices. All these features make this responsive WordPress theme an excellent choice for today’s mobile-centric businesses.

hestia wordpress themes

If you want a free WordPress theme that is also responsive, you should go for Hestia. Setting up this theme is a breeze, thanks to a theme’s companion plugin. It offers a responsive WordPress template and automatically adds a testimonial section and the home page to your website.

It makes things much easier as you do not have to create them from scratch. Even more interesting is that it comes with built-in support for e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce. You can also use it for a wide array of page-building plugins. If you want to use it for a shopping website, WooCommerce support is a bonus.

oceanwp wordpress themes

Now, let’s talk about my favorite theme, i.e., Ocean WP. Here’s why I love it:
Ocean WP is a feature-packed responsive WordPress theme with all the necessary features. Due to this, it can be used for a wide range of websites and fits multiple purposes. If you are looking for a WordPress theme that can fulfill these criteria, consider Ocean WP.

What makes Ocean WP special is that it works equally well whether you use it for business websites, e-commerce websites, or WordPress blogs. Its clean and straightforward layout will also bring a smile to minimalistic design fans as it can give your website a minimalistic and clean look. Moreover, you can customize that clean layout with a responsive WordPress template and widgets.

Additionally, you can play around with these settings, choose the options you want, and customize your website to your heart’s content.

Tusant WordPress Theme

If you have an audio-centric website, Tusant will be an ideal choice. Primarily designed with podcasters in mind, it offers features targeted towards audio and video websites. Thanks to its native support and its ability to present podcasts in an eye-catching manner, Tusant makes your website stand out from the crowd and gives it a distinct look. If you prioritize a unique design and are ready to compromise with a niche feature set, look no further than Tusant.

Users can opt for a grid- or list-based layout and arrange playlists, audio and video files, episodes, and their media. If you want more customization, you can even go into extended settings. The live customizer will allow you to change color in real-time or according to the theme of the media, which plays in the background… by the way, there is also a drag-and-drop page-building option that makes the whole process a walk in the park!

ultra wordpress themes

Another multipurpose responsive WordPress theme that deserves your consideration is Ultra. Why, you ask? Well, to begin with, it’s an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder combined with a vast selection of built-in designs. Its large layout and template library give you more design options. This can be useful, especially to get your website up and running.

It also comes packed with some of the latest features, such as parallax scrolling, which can give your website a modern look. You can also add animations to your website as well as use counters. You can also integrate Google Maps to help customers find your business location.

authority pro wordpress themes

If you are an individual or a business specializing in a particular niche and want to show off some niche-specific skills and masterpieces through your website, then this WordPress theme is the one for you. Designed with influencers in mind, it allows you to explore new opportunities and increase conversions. Thanks to its front page features and a modern layout, you can create a website that speaks your story.

Since the theme is eCommerce ready, you can use it to sell your courses and create a community centered around your business niche. Features like the vertical social menu, flexible header layout, custom widgets, and multiple-page templates give users even more control over how their website might look.

float wordpress theme

If you are looking for a responsive WordPress theme that offers customization and the latest design features in a single package, Float should be your choice. It is a highly customizable WordPress theme with trendy design features like parallax scrolling.

Apart from all these perks, it comes preloaded with a page builder that lets you design pages by dragging and dropping elements. Users can also select from a wide range of templates and layouts. It even contains features only premium WordPress themes offer, such as social media integration, custom backgrounds, and custom widgets.

essence-pro wordpress themes

Whether your business operates in the healthcare industry or targets customers through its wellness and lifestyle offerings, the Essence Pro WordPress theme offers an answer. This elegant theme has been designed with all your needs in mind. From a modern, aesthetically pleasing layout to an attractive call-to-action placed prominently on a large header, it has all the necessary design elements that make a website great.

There is also a landing page template and many other templates you can choose to create other website pages. This drastically reduces the time required to create pages and allows you to quickly create a fully functional website. Even more interesting is the WordPress block editor’s support, which gives you more content layout options. It means your website content will appear how you want it to.

allegiant wordpress themes

Bold Typography, Modern Layouts, Extensive Customization Options – Allegiant has it all!
If you are searching for an impressive WordPress theme for your SME website, Allegiant is the right choice. This theme is visually striking and is multipurpose, of course. But its one-page layout is excellent for businesses.

The Final Thoughts!

Hey You! Have you checked out the list? These were the top 10 Responsive WordPress themes suggestions for bloggers, marketers, publishers, and businesses. Which one is your favorite responsive WordPress theme and why? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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