Devrims #TechTalk 040: Jorge Casals Interview

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Devrims #TechTalk 040: Jorge Casals Interview

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Jorge Casals, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at OVIXIA, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table with a diverse background in psychology, business, and technology. From his early entrepreneurial ventures at the age of 18 to his contributions to startups like UENI and established corporations like TI Media and SuperAwesome, Jorge’s journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and marketing excellence. His commitment to the tech industry began at a young age, influenced by his entrepreneurial parents and fueled by a passion for understanding human behavior through psychology.

Jorge’s unique blend of skills has positioned him as a leader in the tech startup scene, where he successfully integrates his business acumen with technical know-how. As a speaker and contributor in the WordPress community, he exemplifies the importance of giving back to the tech community and offers valuable insights for others looking to get involved.

Furthermore, Jorge’s role as an organizer for WCEU 2024 underscores his dedication to uniting the European WordPress community and creating exceptional experiences for attendees.

Jorge’s enthusiasm for emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and his anticipation of advancements in the eCommerce sector reflect his forward-thinking approach. He offers advice to aspiring tech startup founders, emphasizing the importance of patience, consistency, and the willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone.

In summary, Jorge’s multifaceted journey and extensive knowledge make him a valuable figure in the tech industry, and his insights provide valuable guidance for those navigating the ever-evolving world of startups and technology.

Devrims: Hey Jorge, thanks for your participation.  You have a very diverse background in psychology, business, and tech. Tell us about your journey and how you ended up founding a tech startup like Ovixia. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Jorge: Since the age of 18, I have been actively engaged in diverse entrepreneurial ventures, having contributed my skills and expertise to notable startups such as UENI, as well as established corporations like TI Media (now known as Future) and SuperAwesome (subsequently acquired by Epic Games). The cumulative knowledge acquired through these professional experiences, coupled with my pursuit of an MBA, has uniquely positioned me to assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at OVIXIA.

At present, OVIXIA comprises a team of four dedicated associates, with additional support from invested stakeholders. This dynamic blend of seasoned professionals and strategic backers sets the stage for an exciting journey, where we collectively aim to leverage our combined strengths, industry insights, and innovative approaches to drive the success and growth of OVIXIA in the marketplace.

In essence, my journey from startups to established enterprises represents a culmination of experiences that fuel my passion for innovation, marketing excellence, and the pursuit of transformative success within the business realm.

Devrims: You joined your first startup at 18 while studying psychology in London. What made you interested in the tech industry at such a young age? How did that experience shape your career path?

Jorge: Having spent my formative years in a small town in Spain before embarking on a decade-long journey of living in London, marked a significant and transformative chapter in my life. My parents, who have been entrepreneurs from the outset, served as a constant source of inspiration, instilling in me the values of hard work and an unwavering determination to achieve success.

The pursuit of a degree in psychology has proven to be a substantial asset in both my personal and professional endeavors. It is fascinating to observe how psychology, in myriad ways, shapes the world around us. The insights gained from studying psychology have not only enriched my understanding of human behavior but have also provided me with a valuable lens through which I navigate various aspects of life and work.

Devrims: You seem to have a strong interest in both the business and technical sides of tech. How do you balance these different skill sets as a founder and leader?

Jorge: Indeed, we have successfully established two global SaaS projects, and managing such developments necessitates a comprehensive understanding of all facets of the business. While I assume a less technical role within the company, with our CTO leading in technology and development, constructing a product roadmap requires a dual proficiency in both business and technical domains. My specific areas of expertise encompass business development, marketing, communication, and project management.

Devrims: You have experience integrating tools like DataPocket across platforms like WordPress, Shopify, etc. What technical challenges arise in making SaaS products compatible across multiple environments?

Jorge: Beyond technical challenges, there’s a critical emphasis on customer experience. Managing integrations across diverse environments and a multifaceted tool requires ensuring that clients comprehend the product. Specifically, regarding technical challenges, a key aspect is maintaining the currency of plugins, apps, and integrations, such as the WordPress or WooCommerce plugin. The complexity grows with the number of integrations managed, necessitating vigilant oversight to ensure seamless functionality across the board.

Devrims: You’re active in the WordPress community as a speaker and contributor. Why is giving back to the tech community important to you? What tips do you have for others looking to get involved?

Jorge: A few weeks ago I collaborated with Bob in his podcast Do the woo and I said something that I would repeat again and again. I’m in love with the WordPress community, is a place where people give a lot of themselves for nothing in return, and this has been a reality for so many years. However, even if this may sound a bit harsh at the beginning, what I’m trying to say is that the people that form part of the community are just something else, people that are ready to make WordPress better for everyone else. One of the tips that I can give is to be on the lookout for local communities, for example going to and look for the nearest WordPress or WooCommerce community, from then on become a regular contributor and grow bigger with time, for example attending WordCamp Europe, Asia or US, making contacts bit by bit, there is no rush!

Devrims: How does managed WordPress hosting differ from traditional shared hosting? What additional value does it provide to customers?

Jorge: Well, these two are pretty different one from the other. Managed WordPress Hostings is specifically optimized for WordPress websites and shared hosting is where multiple users share the same server resources. I would say that WordPress hosting provides better performance, security and support for WordPress sites compared to traditional shared hosting.

Devrims: As an organizer of WCEU 2024, what does it mean to you to plan this major event? What inspires you most about uniting the European WordPress community?

Jorge: Being an organizer of WCEU 2024 is like having a baby, this is something that we said last year when organizing WCEU 2023. We work for 9 months on crafting the major WordPress event in the whole world and making sure that everyone has the moment of their lives – From quality speakers to great food and social parties. I learn a lot day by day working with such professionals that are organizers too, just like me, but each one of us have a different background and something different to share and bring to the table. Uniting the European WordPress community is just a tiny bit of the objective, I get motivated by bringing new individuals into the WordPress community and show them what they can achieve by joining this event.

Devrims: Let’s do some quick rapid-fire questions:

Devrims Jorge
Reading or Writing Reading
Day or Night Day
Tea or Coffee Coffee

Devrims: We’d love to have a look at your work desk.

Devrims: What ecommerce metrics or KPIs are most important for SaaS companies to track? How do you measure your impact on customer success?

Jorge: This could be a very broad question and a very broad answer. I’m going to focus on just a few.
In terms of SaaS success we would need to look at, these would be the most important ones:
Customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost and monthly recurring revenue.

These have a major impact on knowing if the product roadmap is working or not and what measures should be taken in order to improve any processes, if needed.

In order to measure our impact, we have to use some marketing tools such as Intercom, Brevo, Metricool and others that give us KPIs and metrics to measure.

Devrims: What excites you most about the current tech landscape and trends you see shaping the future? What emerging technologies or innovations are you most enthusiastic about?

Jorge: I find myself genuinely enthusiastic about the evolving trajectory of artificial intelligence (AI), although a lingering sense of skepticism persists. The potential ramifications of scenarios like OpenAI shutting down overnight raise significant concerns, as the impact on thousands of businesses relying on AI solutions could be profound and instantaneous.

Despite this apprehension, the overarching excitement for the possibilities AI presents remains palpable.

Shifting gears to the eCommerce landscape, there’s an equally compelling narrative. The ongoing developments in this realm paint a picture of a future where the process of buying and selling online becomes markedly more streamlined. Anticipating the year 2024, I foresee substantial technological advancements reshaping the eCommerce landscape. These advancements are poised to introduce innovative solutions, redefine user experiences, and further blur the lines between the physical and digital realms of commerce.

Devrims: What advice would you give to young people interested in launching a tech startup one day? Any key lessons you’ve learned along your journey?

Jorge: I have a project in mind to have other young souls crafting their dreams and gaining visibility in the tech space. If I have to give any key lessons at this very moment, I would say something similar as to how I joined the WordPress community. Find communities around you, find places that fit your needs – I am aware that almost every city in the world has a community of entrepreneurs, this would be the first step! Oh, and before I forget, you have to step out of your comfort zone constantly.

Devrims: As someone with experience building tech products across marketing, business development, and communications – what skills or qualities do you think are most important for success in this industry?

Jorge: You would be surprised as to how difficult and simple my answer may seem, but I would say that the most important skills would be patience and consistency. Why? Well, many founders surrender for many reasons, that’s why the Death Valley concept exists but many others surrender before time or are not constant enough. Therefore, if you work hard enough with consistency I am sure you will find a way to succeed – Once again, succeeding comes in many shapes and forms, it is not always about money.

Devrims: Which 3 individuals would you recommend we speak with next for our interview series?

Jorge: I’m a big fan of Bob from Do the Woo, Robert Cairns and Bud Kraus.

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