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Latest News, Tutorials & Cloud Industry Insights

Introducing one-click installation of LOMP Tech Stack includes OpenLiteSpeed Web Server for better performance and more security. With the addition of the LOMP Stack, we proudly say that the Devrims platform is the only Managed Cloud Hosting Platform to support all Php-based Tech Stacks for Linux-based environments.

If you own an eCommerce store selling products like clothes, accessories, home decor, or anything else, then you need a blog in your store. Having a blog will help you reach out to an online audience, but it can also help drive organic traffic to your store and improve visibility over time.

A small introduction is required for the uninitiated. WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available today. It’s free and open-source, which means you can use it for free and make changes as you see fit.

You never want complaints of slow speed from customers because it impacts the user buying behavior, resulting in a revenue loss. While discussing the hosting problem with many merchants, I found that big store owners often faced performance and downtime issues during their sales season.

If you are a Magento store owner, you will always keep your eyes open for the best Magento 2 themes. A responsive Magento 2 theme that can work on all types of devices and screens is a must-have for modern-day ecommerce.

When you are operating an online shop on Magento, you will be selling different types of products. While setting up simple products in Magento is easy, you will have to create a configurable product for anything that comes with options or choices.

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