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Clients saw up to 50% cost reduction and 400% operational improvement after collaborating with Devrims DevOps.

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Devrims DevOps is powered by an expert team of DevOps professionals that are ready to work to improve operational efficiencies, reduce risks and costs, and build lasting success.

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Assessment And Planning

We gather business requirements, understand application architecture and workload, and identify future performance issues. This phase also incorporates the selection of DevOps tools, cloud platform, and cloud infrastructure design based on initial findings.

Infrastructure Development

We assess your organizational needs to build cloud infrastructure with an agile, iterative approach, ensuring exceptional high availability, effortless scalability, and outstanding performance.

Disaster Recovery And Audit Policy

We smartly plan the Recovery Points and Recovery Time objectives based on your organization's requirements to avoid downtime. We implement fail-over logic and deploy the services in different zones and regions to ensure nearly 100% uptime with no data loss.

Infrastructure Automation

Devrims Managed DevOps team will automate the Infrastructure's resource-intensive areas and follow a methodology such as an Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which speeds up the development process, eliminates possibilities of human errors, and ensures release quality.

Production Release

The newly-created infrastructure undergoes regression testing before being rolled out to production. This component deals with the pre-production processes and pilot testing to ensure that the cloud infrastructure is ready for shipment.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

We will implement CI/CD pipelines to streamline build processes and accelerate bug identification and resolution on a Staging/UAT environment while minimizing production rollout time. Our tailored solution ensures minimal deployment downtimes for your application.

Monitoring And Alerts

Our monitoring solutions come with heartbeat alerts for timely notification of any unusual activities to prevent issues. Stay ahead with our customized monitoring and alerts solutions for infrastructure, services and application performance, ensuring seamless operations.

24x7 Technical Support

Our 24x7 Expert Technical Support is here to address and resolve any issues or heartbeat alerts. Also, provide around-the-clock technical support using your preferred communication channels to ensure the best performance with security.

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Technology We Work With

AWS Azure Google Digital Ocean Huawei Linode AliBaba
Kubernetes Docker AWS API Gateway Aws EC2
Puppet Terraform CF Engine Ansible Chef
Jenkins Selenium Pipeline BitBucket Gitlab NPM
Bash Groovy Powershell LUA python
AWS Codecommit BIT Github Gitlab Bitbucket
MySQL Mongodb SQLServer PostgreSQL Dynamo DB Elasticsearch Opensearch Redis
AWS Cloudwatch Zabbix Grafana LK Splunk New Relic
New Relic Grafana prometheus Data Dog

Customer Case Studies​

Discover how Devrims is making a difference for its customers in Cloud DevOps across various industries

Here’s how we made an impact for Idolj:

  • Up to 400% growth in business
  • Nearly 99.99% uptime
  • Up to 70% reduction in cloud spend

Here’s how Devrims helps Monit achieve success on a daily basis:

  • Nearly 100% uptime with optimum performance
  • Two-digit latency in data transfer speed
  • Highly available and auto-scalable infrastructure
  • Multi-regional infrastructure for DR planning
  • Optimized infrastructure cost

Here’s how we made an impact for Viabletree:

  • Managed cloud hosting platform with website migration, management and monitoring
  • DevOps service for custom infrastructure development for different tech stacks
  • Reduction in “go to market” time
  • Reduction in operational complexities
  • 24×7 pro-active monitoring and technical support

Here’s how we made an impact for Digital Eggheads:

  • Up to 8x faster page load times
  • Dedicated account management
  • 24/7 technical support

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